Top 4 Dog Crates For Miniature American Shepherds

The Miniature American Shepherd, frequently abbreviated MAS, is deemed a small herding dog breed. They stand 14 to 18 inches tall and weigh from 20 to 40, with males being slightly bigger than females. When choosing a dog crate for your Mini American Shepherd, it’s essential to consider the size of the crate. Generally, the 36-inch crate is recommended for Miniature American Shepherds. This is the ideal size for the puppy stage to the adult.

A crate of this size is neither too small nor too large for the Miniature American Shepherd. Within the crate, your MAS has enough room to sit, stand, and lie down comfortably. If your MAS is a puppy, I recommend you purchase an expandable dog crate. Expandable crates come with a divider panel. With this divider, you can adjust to expand the space inside the crate as your MAS puppy grows. This will save you money because you won't need to buy another crate for your dog when it grows.

When shopping for the best dog crate, look for one that is secure enough to prevent an escape, and one that’s easy to assemble and take apart. Metal dog crates are best for aggressive chewers but aren't as attractive as wooden dog crates, which act as pieces of furniture, like end tables, to blend with your home decor. In addition, wooden dog crates offer sturdy support for your dog. However, they require assembly, are heavier than wire dog crates, and aren't easy to clean.

A fabric dog crate is also another choice, but an economical one. These crates are lightweight, easy to assemble, and double as dog travel carriers. A fabric dog crate is best for a Miniature American Shepherd who isn’t going to chew on it. Ultimately, the type of crate you choose will depend on your Mini American Shepherd's behavior and your budget.

Top 4 Dog Crates For Your Miniature American Shepherd

Finding the perfect dog crate for your Miniature American Shepherd isn't always a walk in the park. These beautiful dogs need a cozy spot of their own when they need to get away from it all. Moreover, a dog crate is also a helpful accessory when potty training your dog. It also keeps your dog safe when you can’t supervise them. My post dives into the best dog crates built for your pup's comfort. Discover your Miniature American Shepherd's dream crate just ahead!

1. MidWest Homes for Pets' Newly Enhanced Single-Door Dog Crate

MidWest Homes for Pets' Newly Enhanced Single-Door Dog Crate

Measuring 36.6 L x 21.9 W x 24.5 H inches, this dog crate is suitable for intermediate dog breeds like the Miniature American Shepherd. It is suitable for dogs with an adult weight of 40 or more pounds. The dog crate includes a divider panel, so you can adjust the space inside as your dog grows. It also comes with a durable, leak-proof plastic pan and features protective rubber feet, as well as a carrying handle. Overall, this crate is easy to assemble and fold, chew-proof, and great for potty training.

2. A Double-Door Dog Crate

A Double-Door Dog Crate
Unlike the above dog crate, which has a single door, this dog crate has two entrances. Because of that, it is somewhat more expensive than the above one, though they are of the same size. Like the above crate, this crate is 36.6 inches large and comes with a divider panel. As a wire crate, it is chew-proof and easy to assemble and fold. It is also enhanced with added security features to keep your Miniature American Shepherd safe.

3. A Furniture Style Dog Crate

A Furniture Style Dog Crate

This crate's dimensions are 32" L x 23" W x 26" H and it is recommended for trained small to medium-sized dogs. Designed with high-quality metal wire enclosure bars, this wooden crate is well-ventilated for maximum comfort. However, the wood is not chew-proof, which makes the crate unsuitable for aggressive chewers. The crate, which doubles as an elegant side table, comes with a soft, removable dog bed. Pet owners in the U.S. like this crate for its style, sturdiness, value for money, and because it is easy to assemble.

4. A Soft-sided dog crate

A Soft-sided dog crate for Miniature American Shepherds

If your Miniature American Shepherd is a well-behaved dog, then this soft-sided dog crate is for them. The crate has two entrances, one at the top and one at the front. It has mesh windows on 4 sides and it is safe and comfortable for travel. The crate is lightweight and easy to assemble, with no tools needed. U.S. dog owners like the value, weight, and ease of assembly of this soft-sided dog crate.

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