Top 4 Pet Carriers For Hawaiian Airlines

The 8th-best U.S. airline in 2024, according to CNBC, is Hawaiian Airlines, with a score of 48.3 points. Headquartered in Honolulu, Hawaii, Hawaiian Airlines is the tenth largest commercial airline in the U.S. by passengers carried. In addition, it is also one of the most pet-friendly airlines in the country. According to a Forbes ranking, Hawaiian Airlines is the fifth most pet-friendly airline in the United States.

Under certain policies, Hawaiian Airlines allows only dogs and cats to travel in the passenger cabin. The airline also accepts household pets, including birds, as checked baggage. To ensure your dog or cat can travel safely and comfortably in the cabin, Hawaiian Airlines has strict regulations and pet carrier requirements.

Hawaiian Airlines Animal Regulations and Pet Carrier Requirements

To begin with, your pet must be a domestic dog or cat to be accepted for travel in the passenger cabin. In addition, your dog or cat must not exhibit any signs of illness or physical discomfort. It must be well-behaved and small enough to fit safely and comfortably in its carrier.

Hawaiian Airlines accepts soft-sided pet carriers that are 17 inches long x 11 inches wide x 9.5 inches tall. This is the maximum allowable pet carrier size by Hawaiian Airlines. Your pet carrier mustn't exceed these dimensions as an agent will inspect and measure it at check-in to ensure compliance. The weight of the pet and carrier combined may not exceed 25 pounds.

Furthermore, Hawaiian Airlines requires that your pet carrier be leakproof on the bottom and ventilated on all 4 sides. The carrier must be able to close securely and fully encase the dog or cat. In addition, it must be clean and free from damage and able to be properly stowed beneath the seat in front of you.

If your pet isn't small enough to travel in the cabin, then it may be permitted in the cargo area. This being the case, a hard-sided carrier or kennel is required. To be accepted in the cargo area, your hard-side kennel must not exceed the following dimensions: 36 inches long x 25 inches wide x 28 inches high.

In addition, the kennel must be leak and escape-proof and the the combined weight of your pet and the kennel must not exceed 70 lbs. Otherwise, you may have to contact HA Cargo at 1-877-HA-CARGO (422-2746) for possible transport options.

acceptable pet carrier by Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines accepts only one pet carrier per ticketed guest. A single carrier may contain one adult dog or cat. Or, two kittens or puppies of the same breed.

Top 4 Hawaiian Airline-Approved Pet Carriers

1. Petskd's Expandable Airline-Approved Pet Carrier

Petskd's Expandable Airline-Approved Pet Carrier

This carrier from Petskd is approved by major U.S. airlines, including Hawaiian Airlines. Its dimensions are 17" L x 11" W x 9.5" H and can be expanded by 3.5 inches at the top. The carrier features mesh ventilation on 5 sides for good ventilation, as required by Hawaiian Airlines. Weighing 3.4 pounds, this carrier is suitable for cats and small dogs under 12 pounds. Given the carrier's dimensions, it is recommended that the pet you carry be within 15" L x 9" W x 10" H. The carrier has three openings, each having two non-slip zippers to ensure your cat or small dog's safety.

2. Pet Travel Carrier Bag for Small Cats and Dogs

Pet Travel Carrier Bag for Small Cats and Dogs

Here is another airline-approved soft-sided carrier by Petskd! It complies with Hawaiian Airlines' maximum allowable pet carrier size, as it measures 17" L x 11" W x 9.5" H. Like the one above, this carrier also has three openings and mesh ventilation on five sides for good ventilation. The carrier is waterproof and wear-resistant, as it is made of waterproof, non-toxic, scratch-resistant polyester fabric material. The recommended pet size for this carrier is 8" high x 16 long. It can carry pets up to 10 pounds.

3. A Top and Side Expandable Pet Carrier

A Top and Side Expandable Pet Carrier

This pet carrier is TSA-approved and is accepted by major U.S. airlines, including Hawaiian Airlines. It weighs 3.3 pounds and measures 17" L x 11" W x 9.5" H, thereby meeting Hawaiian Airlines' requirements. Your pet will fit comfortably in this carrier if it weighs under 10 pounds and is within 15" L x 9 W x 10" H. As required by Hawaiian Airlines, the carrier features mesh windows on 5 sides for good ventilation and viewing.

In addition, it has three entrances and two expendable areas, so your pet can gain an additional 80% of space to move around. If there is still space under the seat, that is. However, it is advisable to fold the top and side expansion areas when you take the carrier to the airport.

4. Petmate Sky Kennel for HA Cargo

Petmate Sky Kennel for HA Cargo

If your dog or cat is not small enough to fit in a soft-sided carrier, then it may not be able to travel in the passenger cabin. In this case, it may be accepted in the cargo area, which requires a hard-sided kennel that is 36 inches long x 25 inches wide x 28 inches high. Measuring 36" L x 25" W x 27" H, the Petmate Sky Kennel meets Hawaiian Airlines's cargo specifications. The kennel comes equipped with essential items including absorbent material, ID stickers, a food and water cup, and two "LIVE ANIMAL" stickers.

The kennel weighs 2.2 pounds and can accommodate dogs up to 60 pounds. It is the ideal carrier for medium-sized dogs such as the Australian shepherd or similar breed. Remember, Hawaiian Airlines' pet policy says the combined weight of the pet and the kennel should not exceed 70 pounds. For pets traveling in the cargo, that is.

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