Top 7 Dog Toys For Australian Shepherds in The U.S.

Besides having four paws and a tail, herding dogs have one this in common. They are all high-energy and very smart dogs. The Australian Shepherd is the most popular of them all. Originally bred for farm work, this high-energy and smart dog has natural instincts to herd. Australian Shepherds make great pets for people who have the right environment for them. By "right environment" I mean a house with a large, fenced-in yard for the dog to run around in for at least an hour or two daily.

As a high-energy dog, the Australian Shepherd needs room to run and activities for mental stimulation. Aussies are known to easily get bored when they don't receive enough attention or mental stimulation. A bored Australian Shepherd is a destructive or aggressive Australian Shepherd. This beautiful breed is happiest when they have interactive activities like fetch or puzzle toys. Getting the right dog toys for your Aussie will help keep them busy. In this article, I've compiled a list of the best dog toys for playtime to keep your Australian Shepherd happy and healthy.

1. A Puzzle Dog Toy

A Puzzle Dog Toy for Australian Shepherds

This multi-puzzle dog toy is the most challenging yet! It requires your smart Australian Shepherd to complete a series of steps in the correct order to keep discovering more hidden treats! It is perfect for ultra-smart dogs such as the Australian Shepherd.

In addition, it's a great way to provide mental enrichment for your pup, thereby reducing boredom. The level of difficulty of the Puzzle Toy can be adjusted as your Australian Shepherd learns! Thankfully, Australian Shepherds are quick learners!

2. A Chew Toy

Although Australian Shepherds are not generally aggressive chewers, they can be very playful and may nibble on objects when they are playing. If this sounds like your dog, then it is important to redirect its chewing behavior onto appropriate toys. Then again, when choosing chew toys for your Aussie, consider its size and the strength of its jaw.

Chew toys come in many different shapes and sizes, so make sure you choose the appropriate size for your dog. If your Australian Shepherd happens to be an aggressive chewer, then it’s good to get it a nearly indestructible chew toy like the Benebone Wishbone Durable Dog Chew Toy.

3. A KONG Classic Toy

A KONG Classic Toy for Australian Shepherds

This unique toy is designed to satisfy dogs' instinctual needs and provide them with mental stimulation. It will keep your energetic Australian Shepherd engaged and entertained during interactive play sessions. You can fill the toy's interior with kibble or peanut butter to offer an added challenge and extended play time for your Aussie. Recommended by vets and dog trainers worldwide, the KONG Toy keeps dogs busy and is well worth the money.

4. A Snuffle Mat

A Snuffle Mat for Australian Shepherds

This dog puzzle toy is designed to enhance dogs' smell and digestion by slowing down the speed of eating. It will consume your Australian Shepherd’s energy and improve its mental health. This mental stimulation dog toy will be a good addition to your Aussie training toys. You can hide treats under the messy grass of this dog toy and let the game begin! The toy is easy to clean and it is worth the money.

5. A Dog Toy Soccer Ball with Straps

A Dog Toy Soccer Ball with Straps

This toy ball can help your Australian Shepherd burn off energy. It is the perfect interactive dog toy for both indoor and outdoor playing and training. Pet owners in the U.S. like the ease of picking up the toy ball. The toy's multiple straps make grabbing and sling around easy for dogs. That said, some pet owners say the straps can be easily chewed off. When I reached out to the product's manufacturer, they said the toy ball was not intended for aggressive chewers.

6. A Herding Ball

A Herding Ball for Australian Shepherds

Specifically designed for medium and large herding breeds like Australian Shepherds and German Shepherds, this herding ball allows dogs to play freely without the risk of injury. It is designed to keep high-energy dogs active and entertained while simultaneously promoting physical fitness and alleviating boredom. By getting this ball for your Aussie, you're satisfying its herding instinct in a safe, fun, and stimulating manner. It is the ideal toy that serves as an outlet for your Australian Shepherd's physical and mental energy.

7. A Natural Rubber Flying Disc

A Natural Rubber Flying Disc for Australian Shepherds

Although Australian Shepherds weren't specifically bred to catch and bring back flying discs, they have the natural skill sets to be good at the game. In the 1970s, an Aussie named Hyper Hank became famous for his skill in catching flying discs. A flying disc encourages your Aussie to tap into its natural talents of running, jumping, and chasing things.

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