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12 Adorable Photos Of Amanda Seyfried and Her Australian Shepherd Dog

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Amanda Seyfried is among many celebrities who own Australian Shepherd dogs. The "Mamma Mia!" actress is a lifelong animal lover who reportedly has 23 animals currently living on her farm in New York. Among Seyfried's animals, one is very well-known to the public and is almost as famous as its owner. That animal is Finn, Seyfried's beloved Australian Shepherd dog. 

Finn has appeared on Seyfried's social media pages more than any other of her animals. In fact, Finn has his own Instagram account, which chronicles his daily activities. As of the time of this article, Finn's Instagram account has over 70K followers. What's more, Finn has been featured in various magazines including, Vogue, PEOPLE, E! Online, and HELLO. Below are some adorable photos Amanda Seyfried has taken with Finn over the years.


Amanda Seyfried and Her Australian Shepherd


On Finn’s 14th birthday, Amanda Seyfried took to Instagram to honor her Australian shepherd by sharing a series of sweet and funny photos and videos of the dog. In an interview with PEOPLE, Seyfried revealed that she's obsessed with her Aussie, which she said has become her son and light source.

Amanda Seyfried and Her Australian Shepherd


Amanda Seyfried and Her Australian Shepherd


Seyfried was in her early twenties battling anxiety when she met Finn. She shared with PEOPLE in 2019 that Finn completely changed her life. In addition, she said the dog helped her find her solitude and independence. Furthermore, Seyfried said Finn inspired her to stand up for homeless pets. 

Amanda Seyfried and Her Australian Shepherd


Amanda Seyfried and Her Australian Shepherd


Amanda Seyfried and Her Australian Shepherd


Amanda Seyfried and Her Australian Shepherd


Amanda Seyfried and Her Australian Shepherd


Amanda Seyfried and Her Australian Shepherd


In an interview with E! News, Seyfried said the connection she shares with her Australian Shepherd is amazing. Additionally, she said that connection has made her appreciate being present. Furthermore, she shed light on the importance of not taking any moment you have with the people and animals you love for granted.

Amanda Seyfried and Her Australian Shepherd


Amanda Seyfried is often spotted with her Australian Shepherd on the street. Shepherd told E! News in an interview that she does her best to have her dog accompany her wherever she goes. According to the actress, the dog helps her stay active while traveling. During her spare time, she and Finn love going for walks and hiking, if possible.
Seyfried also revealed that every one of her contracts includes a section that allows her beloved Aussie to come to set with her. She said Finn is so much of a good boy that he often waits patiently to hear the director yell cut before greeting her between scenes.

When she and Finn are apart, she gets her pet sitter to send her at least two videos of Finn per day. Nevertheless, Seyfried says she gets so envious but excited knowing she'll snuggle with Finn soon.

Amanda Seyfried and Her Australian Shepherd


Amanda Seyfried and Her Australian Shepherd
There is no denying just how much Amanda Seyfried loves her Australian Shepherd dog, Finn. She says she can't remember her life before Finn.

As a breed, the Australian Shepherd is known for its eagerness to please. The breed is highly affectionate and tends to form strong bonds with their owners.


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