Video shows Australian Shepherd helping his owner after a hard day at work

An Australian Shepherd helping his owner out

The Australian Shepherd is known for its intelligence, high energy levels, and strong work drive. Medium-sized workers with a keen, penetrating gaze in the eye, this herding breed thrives when they have a job to do. In a video that has wowed thousands of viewers online, a super cute and happy Aussie named Morty is seen doing all the work for his owner after a hard day.

The video begins with the 4-year-old dog and its owner entering a room and the owner throwing himself down onto the bed. The man may look exhausted but his blue merle Australian Shepherd does not. In the video, the dog is seen turning on the light and then pulling off his owner's socks and putting them into the laundry basket. He then served his owner a drink and snack and put the burger package into the bin before coming into the bed to get cuddles.

There's no doubt that Morty loves his owner and vice versa. With over 50 comments on the video already, Morty's joy of having a job to do has certainly impressed viewers and earned him plenty of praise online. One comment reads: "These dogs are so smart they could probably do your tax return," while another person joked: "You better give this dog some treats after smelling your socks."

Described by the AKC as the picture of rugged and agile movers of stock, the Australian Shepherd isn't the pet for everyone. Due to their remarkable intelligence and extremely high energy levels, Aussies require vigorous exercise every day to wear them out. You need to constructively channel your Aussie's boundless energy through training.

A blue merle Aussie puppy sleeping

Additionally, you shouldn't leave your dog without companionship for long periods too often. Otherwise, they can become destructive, which is one of the reasons they end up in shelters. Luckily, Aussies are biddable. That biddability combined with the breed's remarkable smarts and high energy makes them very easy to train.

A beautiful red merle Aussie puppy

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