Video Shows Australian Shepherd Puppies Trying To Herd Maltese Dog

Aussie puppies trying to herd a Maltese dog

These cute Aussie puppies may not have livestock to herd at home, but their instincts remain deeply ingrained. To such an extent that they began practicing on the innocent Maltese dog! 

Although the name suggests otherwise, the Australian Shepherd is an American breed, originally used solely as a herding dog. Despite the modern breed being, for the most part, bred for pets, many retain a strong herding instinct. As a result, it is not uncommon for pet Aussies to attempt to herd other dogs. If you can't take my word for it, watch the video in this article, which shows Aussies' natural herding instincts in action.

The video shows a litter of Australian Shepherd puppies circling around a Maltese dog, nipping at its body. In addition to nipping, they are also seen barking at the small pup. Categorized as one of the Loose-Eyed breeds of stock dogs, the Aussie naturally nips at both the head and heel of sheep to move them. They may also bark to move reluctant or challenging stock.

Without any sheep to herd, these adorable Aussie puppies decided they would have to find the next best thing, which was to herd the family's little Maltese back into her crate. According to their owner, the puppies were 6 weeks old at the time of the recording and the cutest things ever!

A beautiful blue merle Aussie puppy
A beautiful blue merle Aussie puppy | Source: Instagram

As the video progresses, it becomes quite clear that the Maltese dog is not too keen on being herded, as it can be seen trying to defend itself against the playful herding attempts. Its docile, easygoing, responsive, fearless, active, and gentle nature shines through as it barks and dodges the puppies' every move.

A Maltese dog
A Maltese dog | Source: Instagram

Maltese are affectionate, intelligent, lively toy dogs covered by a long, straight, silky coat. They usually stand 7–9 inches tall, with males being larger than females.

Below is the video!

Many Aussie owners could relate to the puppies' eagerness to work, with one viewer commenting, "My Aussie is always trying to herd my other dog". While this isn't considered aggressive behavior, it shouldn't be allowed. That's because Aussies not only attempt to herd other pets, but they try to herd small children as well, which can be an unpleasant experience.

Therefore it is essential to curb this strong herding instinct, and early socialization and obedience training can help accomplish this. Without proper training, your Australian Shepherd might not be able to know how to behave around other dogs appropriately.

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