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10 Cute Photos of Aussie-Corgis: Australian Shepherd/Corgi Mix

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Australian Shepherd (left) vs Corgi (right)

The Aussie-Corgi, also called Auggie, is the result of breeding an Australian shepherd and a Welsh Corgi together. The Aussie and the Corgi are some of the cutest dog breeds in the world. You could call their offspring, the Auggie, an angel. Not only are these hybrid dogs extremely cute, but they are also friendly, very smart, and good with young children.

Aussie-Corgis may inherit different physical traits from each parent breed. Therefore, while some look more like the Australian Shepherd, others look much more like the Welsh Corgi. Don't take my word for it. Instead, look at these adorable photos of Aussie-Corgis.


A cute Aussie-Corgi puppy
Source: Reddit

The Australian shepherd is an American dog breed while the Corgi is British. You could call the Aussie-Corgi British-American.


a cute yellow and white Aussie-Corgi puppy

Both the Aussie and the Corgi are high-energy herding dogs, so the Aussie-Corgi must be a pretty active breed with a very strong herding instinct. As such, they can bark a lot and try to chase and herd everything that moves quickly. In addition, Aussie-Corgis can become easily bored and destructive if they don't receive adequate exercise and mental stimulation. Consequently, they aren’t recommended as pets for first-time or sedentary dog owners. However, with proper training and early socialization, your Aussie-Corgi can be a well-behaved dog. Fortunately, Aussie-Corgis are extremely intelligent and therefore can be easy to train.


An Aussie-Corgi at the beach

Australian shepherds are medium-sized dogs whereas Corgis are small dogs. The height of adult Aussies is typically between 20 and 23 inches. They usually weigh between 50 and 65 pounds. On the other hand, full-grown Corgis usually stand between 10 and 12 inches tall and weigh from 23 to 28 pounds. Corgis may be short, but they have a sturdy build and are known as strong, athletic, and lively little herders. 

Due to their Corgi ancestry, Aussie-Corgis usually measure from 10 to 18 inches in height and weigh from 20 to 45 pounds. They can be considered small to medium-sized dogs.


An Aussie-Corgi named Fig

For the most part, both the Australian shepherd and the Welsh Corgi are generally healthy dogs. However, as with many breeds, both breeds can be prone to health conditions such as elbow and hip dysplasia, as well as eye disorders. The AKC recommends that both the Aussie and the Welsh Corgi be tested for Hip & Elbow Evaluation and Ophthalmologist Evaluation. The same recommendation goes for Aussie-Corgis, whose typical lifespan is 12 to 15 years.


A merle Aussie-Corgi

Aussie-Corgis are described by some pet owners as highly affectionate and very social dogs. In addition, they bond strongly with their owners and tend to be Velcro dogs (that's the Aussie in them). Many pet owners report that their Aussie-Corgis are very stubborn and never leave their side. For other pet owners, Aussie-Corgis are energetic and brilliant dogs who love to play and herd other household pets.


A tricolor Aussie-Corgi

This is Calvin, an eight-week-old black tricolor Aussie-Corgi. Calvin is the most stubborn dog that never leaves his owner's side. In addition, he is an awesome dog who doesn't listen to a thing his owner says. According to his owner, Calvin likes Corgi mixes and Aussies but does not really care about purebred Corgis.


A very cute Aussie-Corgi puppy

This is Nova, an extremely cute Australian Shepherd Corgi mix puppy. Nova's owner posted this photo on Reddit 7 years ago. That means Nova must be 7 years and a couple of months old by now. If she is still alive, that is.


A cute Australian shepherd/Corgi Mix puppy

By all accounts, Aussie-Corgis are fast learners but can be very stubborn. They are great with all people and are always searching for attention everywhere they go. Plus, they get along well with other dogs at the park. The only negative thing about Auggies is the shedding, according to many owners. Of course, the Aussie and the Corgi are both known as serious shedders. So their offspring must be heavy shedders that need to be groomed every single day.


An adult Aussie-Corgi

Aussie-Corgis are full of energy and love running with their owners and playing fetch all day long. They are recommended for active families with a yard.


A merle Australian shepherd/Corgi Mix

In summary, Australian Shepherd/Corgi Mixes are very energetic, smart dogs with crazy herding instincts. As such, they require early socialization and obedience training to keep their herding instincts in check. These high-energy dogs will need at least two to three hours of exercise daily to stay healthy and happy. In addition, they need to be provided with puzzle toys for brain exercise.


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