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9 Famous Australian Shepherds That'll Steal Your Heart

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Australian Shepherds are extremely smart, gorgeous, and trainable. They are ranked as the 12th most popular dog breed in the U.S. in 2023 and dubbed America's favorite breed. Originally bred and solely used as herding dogs, Australian Shepherds have evolved into show dogs, family pets, and service animals. 

Thanks to their smarts, biddability, and versatility, Aussies excel at various roles, for which some have become famous. Some Australian Shepherds are famous for breaking world records or making people happy on social media. Others are famous actors’ pets, famous actors themselves, or local heroes.

In this blog post, you’ll see a list of nine famous Australian Shepherds in the world.

1. Rodeo star Jay Lister's Australian Shepherds

Jay Lister and his famous rodeo Australian Shepherds

Originating in the U.S., despite its name, Australian Shepherds weren't popular as pets until the 1900s when Rodeo star Jay Lister's Aussies wowed crowds at rodeos across the western states. The dogs captivated crowds with all manner of tricks, consequently opening the doors for the breed's popularity as a pet. Jay Lister reportedly had three Australian Shepherds named Shorty, Stubby, and Queenie. These three dogs became the most famous Australian Shepherds in history.

2. Secret, the Australian Shepherd

Secret, the Australian Shepherd

Secret was a brilliant Australian Shepherd owned by a Washington State woman by the name of Mary Peters. Mary had taught Secret to do just about anything. Secret could mop the floor, paint, play piano, dance, do yoga, and play guitar, to name a few. The dog had entertained millions of people on social media before passing away in 2022. Secret died of cancer at the age of 7 in Bellingham, Washington State, leaving her owner as well as many fans devastated. At the time of this writing, over two million people are following Secret on Instagram and eight million people on TikTok.

3. Finn Seyfried, the Australian Shepherd

Finn Seyfried, the Australian Shepherd

Finn Seyfried, the Australian Shepherd, is as famous as its owner, actress Amanda Seyfried. Amanda credits Finn for changing her life completely and helping her find her solitude as well as independence. Finn has been featured in popular magazines, including, US Weekly, Vogue, People, and E! Online. Finn, who has its own Instagram account, has appeared in several posts on Amanda's Instagram page.

4. Daiquiri, the Australian Shepherd

Daiquiri is a talented blue merle Australian Shepherd and multiple Guinness World Record breaker from Canada. In addition, the smart pup holds multiple titles in agility, rally, and obedience. So far, Daiquiri has broken 12 Guinness World Records. Daiquiri is an Australian Shepherd of many talents, to say the least. In 2023, he broke a world record by removing 21 socks from people’s feet in just 60 seconds. His hardest record was the most tricks performed by a dog in one minute.

5. Viking, the Australian Shepherd

Viking is a talented Australian Shepherd that won Best in Show at the 2024 Crufts dog show in Birmingham, England. Consequently, Viking made headlines in March 2024, thus increasing the 'extremely smart' breed's popularity.

6. Sedona, the Australian Shepherd

Sedona, the Australian Shepherd

Sedona is an Insta-Famous Australian Shepherd from Toronto, Canada. The gorgeous blue merle Aussie likes taking selfies, which attract thousands of people to her Instagram account. She is dubbed Toronto's famous Australian Shepherd. Sedona is owned by Jessica, a Canadian wedding photographer. In an interview with Tryfi, Jessica said Sedona is her first dog, and she created her Instagram account before even getting her home.

7. Kiba, the Australian Shepherd

Kiba, the Australian Shepherd

Kiba is a beautiful red merle Australian Shepherd that loves enjoying life outdoors. Based in Seattle, Washington State, Kiba and his owner are roaming the planet together. They love exploring the Pacific Northwest and capturing the wild and rugged beauty of the natural world. Kiba, who has over 100k followers on Instagram, loves playing in the snow and occasionally howling for the camera.

8. Promise, the Australian Shepherd

Promise, the Australian Shepherd

Promise is a brilliant Australian Shepherd that is carrying on the legacy of her late sister, Secret. Promise was adopted a couple of months after Secret's tragic passing. Within two years, Promise is already painting and doing other tricks Secret was famous for. Promise has her own Instagram page, which currently has over 60K followers.

9. Your Australian Shepherd

If you own an Australian Shepherd, then consider your dog one of the most famous in the world. That is because your Aussie isn't less capable of doing all the things for which all these dogs are famous.


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