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At What Age Do Australian Shepherds Calm Down?

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A calm Australian Shepherd

Dogs with herding backgrounds, such as the Australian Shepherd, are known to have high energy levels. As a result, they may take longer to calm down than other breeds. The Australian Shepherd, aka Aussie, is an active breed that could have their owners running all day! In fact, due to their high energy levels, Aussies are not recommended for inactive pet owners.

However, if given adequate exercise, Aussies will be loyal, obedient, and affectionate dogs. If you are a first-time Aussie owner, you might wonder if your energetic pup will ever calm down. The good news for you is Aussies do eventually calm down as they age. However, the age at which an Aussie will calm down can be influenced by several factors including:
  • Physical exercise and mental stimulation: Regular walks, runs, agility training, and interactive toys can help your Aussie release pent-up energy and stay calm.
  • Proper training and socialization: Early socialization and proper training can also contribute to a well-behaved and calm Aussie.

So, At What Age Do Australian Shepherds Calm Down?

By all accounts, Australian Shepherds tend to calm down at the age of two, though they stay exuberant for their entire lives. When your Aussie reaches the age of two, you will notice that your dog is calmer and less hyper each year. As your Aussie matures and reaches adulthood, they will begin to exhibit more self-control, patience, and overall calmer behavior. However, how quickly your Aussie may calm down depends on how much exercise the dog receives at an early age.

Ways to exercise your Australian Shepherd

Aussies are extremely active dogs and therefore require an owner willing to give them lots of exercise. If they are not going to be used to herd livestock, that is. Furthermore, Australian Shepherds are very smart and therefore need mental activities as well as physical ones. As high-energy, athletic dogs, Aussies require a great deal of exercise daily. The AKC recommends these dogs have at least two hours of exercise daily. This goes for Miniature American Shepherds as well. Some ways to help your Aussie burn off some energy and stay calm include:
  • Giving your Aussie a job: As per the AKC, the best course is to give your Aussie a job to do. Aussies tend to easily get bored if they don’t have a task to complete. A bored Aussie is either a destructive or depressed Aussie. Juniper Pets has a list of twenty stimulating jobs for your Australian Shepherd.
  • Taking your Aussie for a run or long walk: Aussies love and bond strongly with their owners. As such, they love to accompany their owner on long walks or, better yet, hikes. Moreover, taking your Aussie for a run or long walk is a great way to help them burn off some of their boundless energy.
  • Play fetch with your Aussie: Fetch it's a great way to exercise your Australian Shepherd while simultaneously stimulating their minds.
  • Tell your Aussie to hunt flies: According to many pet owners, Aussies are mad fly hunters. Plus, it is hilarious to watch. For example, if there’s a housefly in the living room, you can tell your Aussie to get it. You'll be surprised that your dog won’t stop until they catch and eat the fly.
  • Getting your Aussie a herding ball: Designed specifically for herding dogs, such as the Australian Shepherd, herding balls are unique toys that provide both physical and mental stimulation. As a herding breed, the Aussie is naturally energetic and smart, often needing tasks and activities to keep them occupied. That's where herding balls come in, providing a way for these dogs to satisfy their natural instincts. Additionally, these toys help them expend their energy, leading to a happier and better-behaved dog.
Generally, it is recommended that Aussie puppies (3 to 4 months of age) get around 20 to 30 minutes of exercise daily. On the other hand, it is recommended that 5 to 6-month-old Aussie puppies get around 1.5 to 2 hours of exercise daily, divided into several shorter sessions. With this daily exercise routine, your Aussie should be able to calm down at the age of two.

How to train your Australian Shepherd to be calm

Although your Aussie will eventually calm down as they age, you can also teach your dog to be calm, relaxed, and settled. Besides, your Aussie must learn to relax and have time on their own when you’re busy at home. For starters, Dogs Trust recommends rewarding your pup for any behavior that doesn’t involve staring at you, pulling on the lead, or barking. Dogs Trust suggests having your dog lie down on a blanket on the floor. If your dog settles down on the blanket, reward them with treats. However, Dogs Trust suggests that you remain neutral while doing this. 

Then gradually reward more relaxed behaviors, including when your Aussie automatically starts lying down when you are busy. But always make sure your Australian Shepherd is having a good time when settling, whether that is playing with their toys, or simply dozing and snoozing!

You might be able to draw some ideas from the videos below:


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