Top 4 Pet Carriers For Spirit Airlines Flights

In 2024, Forbes ranked Spirit Airlines as the 6th most reliable airline in the United States. Headquartered in Dania Beach, Florida, the ultra-low-cost airline is also ranked by Nerdwallet as the 8th most pet-friendly in the country. Spirit Airlines is also the safest and most affordable airline in the U.S., according to Forbes. Though Spirit Airlines might ranked as one of the most pet-friendly in the U.S., flying with a pet is hardly a free-for-all.

Every airline has strict pet policies, and Spirit Airlines is no exception. Except for service animals, Spirit Airlines accepts only small domestic animals on their planes. These include house cats, small domestic dogs, pet rabbits, and small household birds. If you’d like to travel with a pet, you’ll need to comply with Spirit Airlines' pet carrier guidelines.

Spirit Airlines Pet Carrier Guidelines

As with all airlines, Spirit Airlines requires that your pet be in a soft-sided pet carrier, which is subject to inspection and approval. The dimensions of your pet carrier must not exceed 18 inches x 14 inches x 9 inches (length x width x height), as restricted by Spirit. Pet carriers of these dimensions are able to fit under the seat in front of you. Within the carrier, your pet must be able to stand and turn around.

Furthermore, Spirit requires that your pet remain in the carrier during the entire flight. Spirit allows only one pet carrier per guest and no more than 2 pets per carrier is permitted. To be accepted, your pet must be at least 8 weeks old and fully weaned, harmless, odorless, and require no attention during the flight.

With the exception of emergency exit rows and the first row, you may choose to sit anywhere with your pet. Unlike Alaska Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines, as well as other major U.S. airlines, Spirit Airlines does not transport pets in the cargo compartment. It also does not accept animals on international flights, except for service animals.

Top 4 Spirit Airline-Approved Soft-Sided Pet Carriers

1. Pidipiti's 17x12.5x8.5-inch Expandable Pet Carrier

Pidipiti's 17x12.5x8.5-inch Expandable Pet Carrier

This 5-star soft-sided pet carrier is approved by Spirit Airlines! Its 17x12.5x8.5-inch dimensions mean it can fit under the seat in front of you. It is suitable for small-medium cats under 10 pounds, small dogs under 8 pounds, and rabbits. The carrier can be expanded on three sides, which means more space for your pet. To prevent your pets from escaping, all loading ports of the carrier have a double zipper lock.

2. Petskd's 17x12x8.5-inch Top-Expandable Pet Carrier

Petskd's 17x12x8.5-inch Top-Expandable Pet Carrier

Measuring 17 x 12 x 8.5 inches, the Petskd Top-Expandable Pet Carrier follows Spirit Airlines' pet carrier guidelines. It is suitable for small dogs and cats under 12 pounds. The carrier has mesh ventilation on 5 sides, which means more air for your pet. It has three entrances, with two non-slip zippers on each. Pet owners in the U.S. appreciate the quality, height expandability, and value for money of this soft-sided animal carrier, which weighs 3.67 pounds.

3. Petskd's 17x12x8.5-inch Pet Carrier for Small Cats and Small Dogs

Petskd's 17x12x8.5-inch Pet Carrier for Small Cats and Small Dogs

Made of waterproof, non-toxic, scratch-resistant polyester fabric material, this well-ventilated pet carrier is durable and will not be out of shape. It has three openings, with two non-slip zippers on each, and features mesh windows on five sides. Measuring 17" L×12" W×8.5" H, the bag is Spirit Airline-approved and is suitable for pets under 13 pounds. It is recommended for domestic cats, pet rabbits, and small domestic dogs. Pet owners in the U.S. are happy with the versatility, quality, and ventilation of this soft-sided pet carrier.

4. Wakytu's 17.7x11x8.3-inch Pet Carrier

Wakytu's 17.7x11x8.3-inch Pet Carrier

Measuring 17.7" long x 11" wide x 8.3" high, this well-ventilated pet carrier is Spirit Airline-approved and suitable for cats under 13 pounds and dogs under 9 pounds. The bag features five mesh windows and three entrances and the bottom is equipped with soft cushions for your pet to rest.

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