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Top 4 Dog Crates For Australian Shepherds in The U.S.

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A red merle Australian Shepherd in a crate

Australian Shepherds are constantly hailed as one of the most intelligent dog breeds. Given its high intelligence, the breed is relatively easy to train. However, having certain tools can greatly enhance the training process. One of the most worthwhile investments for both you and your Australian Shepherd is a dog crate. A crate will provide your Australian Shepherd with a safe place to retreat when necessary. In addition, an Australian Shepherd that is crate-trained will help maintain your sanity. However, purchasing the wrong crate size can do the opposite. For an Australian Shepherd, a 42-inch crate size is widely recommended.

The Best Crate Size for an Australian Shepherd

The right dog crate will offer your Australian Shepherd a comfortable den-like space where they can go to feel safe. It should also be simple to clean and allow easy access to your dog. Furthermore, a crate is invaluable for potty training if you own an Aussie puppy. That's because dogs instinctually avoid soiling their living space.

Australian Shepherds are a medium-sized breed and therefore the recommended crate size for them is 42 inches. Though they are classified as a medium-sized breed, Aussies come in different sizes. For example, male Aussies tend to be larger than their female counterparts. If your Aussie happens to be on the smaller side, a 36-inch crate may be the right size. It is advisable to measure your Aussie's height and length while it is standing. Then, to help guide your sizing choice, I recommend that you add 2 to 4 inches on each measurement.

In the crate, your Australian Shepherd should be able to sit, stand up, lie, stretch, and spin around. However, your dog shouldn't have too much extra space, as it can create anxiety.

What Kind of Crate Is Ideal for an Australian Shepherd?

The ideal crate for an Australian Shepherd is one that comes with dividers. For home use, most Aussie owners suggest wireframe crates, as they often have dividers. Depending on your lifestyle, however, you might need more than one crate. Either way, I don’t recommend opting for a small-sized crate when your Aussie is a puppy. Otherwise, you will need to buy another crate as your dog grows. 

However, a dog crate with dividers can grow with your Aussie puppy, saving you money. In addition, your Aussie will familiarize itself and become comfortable with just one crate. So it is not advisable to buy a 36-inch or 42-inch crate without dividers for your Aussie when it’s a puppy.

Top 4 Dog Crates For Australian Shepherds

1. A 36-Inch Double Door iCrate

A 36-Inch Double Door iCrate for Australian Shepherds

The iCrate is a great choice for medium-sized breeds such as the Australian Shepherd. It will provide a convenient and safe space for your Australian Shepherd, from puppy to adulthood. It is very easy to set up, as all you do is unfold it. The crate comes with a free divider panel, allowing you to adjust the length of the living area while your Aussie puppy grows. It also comes with a removable, washable plastic pan for easy cleanup in the event of an accident. Built to accommodate dogs up to 70 pounds, the iCrate will create a secure place for your Australian Shepherd to fulfill its natural instinct to den.
  • Brand: MidWest Homes for Pets
  • Material: Metal
  • Crate dimensions: 36.6"L x 21.9"W x 24.5"H
  • Includes a leak-proof pan
  • Floor-protecting feet
  • A divider panel
  • Two entrances
  • Has rounded corners

2. A 42-Inch Single-Door iCrate

A Single-Door iCrate

While the above crate has 2 doors and measures 36 inches in length, this one measures 42 inches in length and has a single door. Measuring 42"L x 28"W x 30"H, this crate is suitable for Australian Shepherds up to 90 pounds. Like the one above, this crate comes with a divider panel and a leak-proof plastic pan. It also features protective rubber feet and a carrying handle. The differences between this crate and the one above are the size and number of entrances.

3. A Wooden Dog Crate Furniture with a Divider Panel

A Wooden Dog Crate Furniture with a Divider Panel for Australian Shepherds

Available in three different colors including white, brown walnut, and rustic style, this beautiful dog crate can easily blend with your home decor. It can also be used as a side table or nightstand while providing your Aussie with a comfortable private space. The crate's dimensions are 37.8"L x 25.1"W x 26.3"H, making it ideal for medium-sized dogs up to 70 pounds. It comes with an adjustable divider and tray so you can adjust the suitable space as your Aussie puppy grows.
  • Brand: Piskyet
  • Crate dimensions: 37.8"L x 25.1"W x 26.3"H
  • Material: Metal, engineered wood
  • Has two doors
  • Comes with a divider and tray
  • Comes with detailed installation instructions
  • Easy to assemble

4. A Soft-Sided Portable Dog Crate

A Soft-Sided Portable Dog Crate for Australian Shepherds

This travel-friendly dog crate can be used both at home and on the go. It features a foldable construction frame and comes with a convenient storage bag. This allows you to carry the crate effortlessly on your outings and travels. The crate also features breathable mesh walls to ensure optimal ventilation and a soft plush mat that offers a cozy and comfortable space for your dog.

Measuring 36"L x 25"W x 25"H, this soft-sided dog crate can accommodate dogs up to 70 pounds.
  • Brand: LE SURE
  • Dimensions: 36"L x 25"W x 25"H
  • Material: Polyester
  • Is breathable and comfortable
  • Easy to assemble


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