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Top 4 High-Quality Dog Beds for Australian Shepherds

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Your Australian Shepherd will benefit from having a high-quality dog bed. These smart and active dogs need a special spot that supports their active lifestyle. Whether your Australian Shepherd is an adult, a senior, or somewhere in between, there’s a dog bed to suit its needs. 

With their active lifestyle, Australian Shepherds need beds with orthopedic support to help ease joint pain. Australian Shepherds may also have breed-specific preferences. For example, since they have thick, double coats, Aussies can easily overheat and may find cooling beds more comfortable. Furthermore, you need to consider the size and weight capacity suitable for your Australian Shepherd. 

Aussies typically have a body length of 28-36 inches and weigh between 35 and 60 pounds, with males being heavier than females. Given their body length and weight, Aussies need a bed designed explicitly with larger breeds in mind. In other words, a bed featuring a higher weight capacity to support a fully-grown Australian Shepherd.

The ideal dog bed for an Aussie is one that is 42 inches long and 30 inches wide. A bed of these dimensions should easily accommodate your Aussie's total body length and provide it with enough space to stretch out and relax. To make naptime a dream come true for your Australian Shepherd, keep reading.

1. Casa Paw's Cooling Dog Bed

Casa Paw's Cooling Dog Bed for Australian Shepherds

Australian Shepherds' thick double coat can protect them from the sun. However, it also means they can get hot easily. Therefore, you should look for a bed containing cooling gel inserts. This cooling dog bed from Casa Paw contains cooling gel-infused memory foam that helps relieve joint pains and keep dogs cooling in the hot summer. 

It has egg crate orthopedic foam that distributes dogs' weight evenly, keeping them warm enough while sleeping indoors in winter. Overall, this bed is suitable for all seasons and will work well with Australian Shepherds of all life stages.
  • Brand: Casa Paw
  • Dimensions: 42"L x 30"W x 8.5"Th
  • Material: Memory foam
  • Special features: Orthopedic, waterproof, removable cover
  • A soft sleeping surface

2. Bedsure Orthopedic Dog Bed

An Australian Shepherd lying on a dog bed

After a long day of play, your Australian Shepherd will benefit significantly from an orthopedic bed. These beds are designed with high-quality, dense foam, providing comfort and essential support for dogs' spine and limbs. Genetically, Australian Shepherds are more susceptible to Hip and Elbow Dysplasia than many other breeds. 

Additionally, Aussies' high activity level and love of running and jumping place additional stress on their joints. An orthopedic dog bed will give your Aussie unparalleled support for a deep, dreamy sleep. The Bedsure orthopedic bed's 4-sided bolster design will offer your Aussie a variety of cozy positions to snuggle. Its dimensions are 42"L x 32"W x 6.5"Th, giving your Aussie ample room to stretch out and relax. It is easy to assemble and clean.
  • Brand: Bedsure
  • Dimensions: 42"L x 32"W x 6.5"Th
  • Material: Polyester, polyurethane foam
  • Tested and dog-approved
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Waterproof
  • Removable cover

3. Super Soft Dog Bed

A Super Soft Dog Bed for Aussies

This easy-to-clean dog bed is tough enough to stand the scratches of your Aussie, although not chew-resistant. It features a non-slip bottom that keeps the bed in a fixed position, which makes it very safe for active dogs such as the Australian Shepherd. Made of 10% flannel fabric, 15% fiber, 70% foam, and 5% silicone dots, the super soft dog bed is safe for pets and humans alike, much like the above dog beds.

All in all, this bed works well with Australian Shepherds of all life stages. If I could change one thing, it would be the addition of soft ledges to help keep your dog on the bed. However, this bed’s design shouldn’t pose any issues, provided your Australian Shepherd likes to sprawl.
  • Brand: Magic Dog
  • Dimensions: 39"L x 33.5"W x 4"Th
  • Orthopedic
  • Machine washable
  • Removable cover

4. Amazon Basics' Elevated Cooling Dog Bed

A red merle Australian Shepherd lying on an elevated dog bed

A raised dog bed may be a good option for your Aussie if it tends to overheat easily. This elevated cooling pet bed features a breathable mesh surface, so air will flow underneath it to keep your Australian Shepherd cool and comfortable. This bed may also be a good option for your Aussie if it has a tendency to chew on things. 

However, unlike other dog beds, this elevated dog bed doesn’t have a padded surface, so it may not be as comfortable. The bed's dimensions are 51"L x 31"W x 8"Th, making it suitable for both medium and large dog breeds.



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